Ludacris Launches New Campaign To Help At Least 10,000 Kids


Rap star Ludacris is looking to do something positive for the tens-of-thousands of children who are struggling with learning.

Atlanta’s own Ludacris has used his successful platform to conquer TV and film as an actor and a host, to become a notable community stake-holder in the City of Atlanta, and moreover has invested so much of his life into the well-being of young people near and far.

His love for the youth has moved him to launch KidNation, a safe space for children to be supported and elevated.

To push this effort forward, he has partnered with The Boeckmann family and their business, Galpin Ford, the #1 Ford dealership in the world for the last 29 years, and is creating the #DriveHop4Kids campaign.

The aim is to impact 10,000 kids who are members of the Boys & Girls Clubs in three major markets: Atlanta, Los Angeles, and New York.

This move is proving to be crucial as cracks in the way those key cities operate their schooling systems have exposed serious deficiencies in how they educate underserved children amid the COVID-19 global pandemic who are struggling with virtual learning.

Studies have shown that it is those local Boys & Girls Clubs that stand as critical sources of support for them during these times — offering meals for those who face food insecurity, supplies, tutoring and so much more.

The Grammy Award-winner and KidNation will also host a sweepstake to raise awareness for the cause.

They will give one fan an opportunity to win a 2021 Ford Bronco First Edition. The vehicle currently has an 18-month wait-list and so this will be a come-up for anyone to win the jawn which is said to be “the most anticipated vehicles in automotive history.”

Donations from this campaign will fund a STEM Camp and provide meals for families in need. Out of this effort, college scholarships will be given to graduating seniors.

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