Ludacris Turns Into Mumble Rapper After Eating Some Jif Peanut Butter


Ludacris has transformed into the latest spokesman for Jif peanut butter. Check out the hilarious advertisement!

Ludacris has got yet another gig. This time, he is stamping Jif peanut butter with his incredibly strong brand.

The Chicago-born but ATL-repping rapper is the central character for J.M. Smucker’s new marketing campaign for the peanut butter.

The unique campaign actually has a rollout that is far greater than a commercial. Ludacris, an artist known to interject creativity and humor into his work, is dropping a full song called “Butter ATL.”

The song was released the second week of August and is available on all DPS platforms.

The campaign is called “The Lil Jif Project” and the commercial “The Return” was directed by GRAMMY award-winning director Dave Meyers. While Meyers was able to capture the old school vs. new school contrast that happens in the commercial, only the “Throw Them Bows” rapper could make it hot.

Essentially, the commercial implies Luda’s flow can’t hit with the current era of rap. But once he takes one scoop of the Jif peanut butter, he starts to rhyme in what most people call “mumble” rap fashion, which gets the attention of fellow ATL rapper Gunna.

That’s when the producers in the room all went crazy, claiming his rap is a hit.

Shout out to Meyers for some cool conceptual moves.

Luda starts the commercial with braids (like he rocked on the cover of his Def Jam debut album Back for the First Time). Then when his mouth is filled with Jif peanut butter and he is rapping like he is a member of Migos, he has the full afro!

The commercial is part comedy, part cultural critique, and the other part endorsement deal.