Ludacris Reveals The Billion-Dollar Reason For Continuing Fast & Furious Franchise 


Ludacris said the “dumbest” question he gets asked is why the Fast & Furious franchise keeps churning out movies.

Ludacris wants people to stop asking why they haven’t ended the Fast & Furious franchise, stating it’s the “dumbest” question you could ask him. 

Fast X, the latest movie in the franchise debuted in the U.S. on May 19, and while it only made $67.5 million over the opening weekend, the Fast & Furious franchise is a major hit overseas. The blockbuster movie raked in a massive $319 million opening worldwide. The first ten installments  grossed over $6.6 billion

The three-time Grammy Award winner recently discussed the success of the films during a recent appearance on the All The Smoke podcast. 

Ludacris Says The Fast & Furious Movies Get Better Each Film

According to Ludacris, the Fast Family defies the stereotype that movie franchises become progressively worse with every sequel.  

“Arguably these have gotten better and better,” the rapper and actor declared. “To the point where it’s like people just trying to understand how the hell we keep doing this s###. I also hear people say all the time ‘Why do y’all keep doing these movies?’ That’s the dumbest f###### question in the world.”  

Ludacris continued: “I’m gonna tell you why, because no matter what industry we’re in; podcast, music, movies, it’s all about a bottom line. It’s all about how much you spend compared to how much you make. We’re making billions of f###### dollars.”  

However, Luda was quick to point out, ”I’m not trying to brag or nothing,” adding he fails to understand the questions about the franchise continuing.  

“Because if you spend 200 million and you make a billion who the f### is you gonna tell to stop shooting movies when you’re making 800 muthafuckin million dollars every time,” Ludacris added. “I need people to stop asking that question. Even if you don’t like it, even if you don’t want to watch it, it’s okay. Stop asking that g###### question that is the answer.” 

Check out the clip below.