Ludacris Surprised By Daughter At Hollywood Walk Of Fame Ceremony: “I Was Fighting Tears” 


Ludacris was surprised by his eldest daughter Karma who tricked him into thinking she couldn’t attend the Walk of Fame ceremony.

An emotional Ludacris was honored with a coveted star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. 

The three-time Grammy Award winner was surrounded by family and friends as well as his peers, including Queen Latifah and LL Cool J at the ceremony Thursday. However, it one was of his Fast & Furious who helped deliver a very special surprise.  

Ludacris didn’t expect his eldest daughter Karam to attend as she was supposedly speaking at Spelman College in Atlanta. “I know she would say something if she was standing at this podium,” Vin Diesel stated during his speech ahead of the presentation.  

However, a shocked Ludacris saw Karma making her way to the stage and shared a touching embrace with her. After revealing she tricked her father into thinking she couldn’t make it, Karma gave a moving speech to honor him.  

Karma Surprises Ludacris At The Walk of Fame Star Unveiling

“I wouldn’t miss it for the world,” Karma said to the crowd before paying tribute to Ludacris. “From plays to dance recitals to graduation, you have always found a way to be there for me. Even if it’s a call or a text from miles away, you always made it a point to make sure I felt valued.” 

The surprise was nearly too much for Ludacris, who was initially overwhelmed. “I was fighting tears. Seriously, I was glad that I had my sunglasses on today,” he admitted. “That blew me away. Usually, it’s not easy for people to keep certain things from me, but that was 100 percent a surprise. Seems like everybody knew but me! I’m a little p##### off right now. I’m a little mad.” 

 Ludacris also showed love to his contemporaries for helping shape who he is as an artist.  

“No matter what people say I can’t do, I will continue to shatter those stereotypes and show people it’s possible in order to make everyone who got me here proud,” Luda added. “Because you all inspire my hard work and dedication to receive this star today. I’m motivated by legacy and history.” 

He continued: “This means that I’ve made my mark, my own personal history being documented. To be amongst these names is just amazing to me. I’m just so thankful. So, getting a star is a statement, but be clear about this statement, the even bigger statement to me is that we are all interconnected. 

“And I am a culmination of the people who showed up for me today believing in me and pushing me to inspire me. So y’all be clapping for me all day I’m gonna need y’all to give yourselves a round of applause. Because I’m nothing without you.” 

Watch Ludacris receive his star below.  

Meanwhile, Ludacris is gearing up to release new music, promising his fans something new later this year. He also hinted that a new album is on the way, eight years after 2015’s Ludaversal