Ludacris On Why He Ditched Plan To Get Covered In Tattoos


Ludacris sat down to explain why he had to put the brakes on his plans for getting his body covered in tattoos!

Rapper-turned-actor Ludacris put a stop to his “head to toe” tattoo plans years ago after realizing the body art would affect his experience on movie sets.

Ludacris has three inkings, but admits he would have many more had he not started working in Hollywood.

He told Men’s Health magazine, “I used to want to get a lot of tattoos, and then I started, humbly speaking, shooting movies, and sometimes they have to cover your tattoos so you gotta sit in the makeup chair for hours while they cover your tattoos, so I stopped getting them at three.”

Among the trio of designs he still has is a large logo of his Disturbing Tha Peace record label on his left bicep.

Ludacris recently shared a video clip of his chat with fans on Instagram, and captioned it, “The REAL reason why I only have 3 of them, cause I definitely wanted to keep going from head to toe.”

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The rap star’s decision seems to have paid off. He celebrated “F9″grossing over $500 million since it’s released on June 25 in the United States.

“Half a BILLION in only 11 Days!? WOW! Sincerely Thank You To Every Fan Around The World That Bought A Ticket & Supported This Movie,” Ludacris said in celebration of the milestone.