Ludacris Trying To Up His Terrible Cooking Skills In New Culinary Show 

The Atlanta rapper can do it all, from rapping to acting – but he sucks at cooking!

Over the years, Ludacris has proved there isn’t much he can’t do when it comes to the world of entertainment.

In addition to being moving over 24 million units as a best-selling rapper, Luda has had a successful acting career, most notably as “Tej” in the hit franchise “Fast & Furious.”

And even though Ludacris owns a restaurant in Atlanta called Chicken-N-Beer, there is one thing he sucks at – cooking. 

“I absolutely love food and have always appreciated the art of cooking, but I can’t lie – I have no idea what I’m doing in the kitchen,” said Ludacris. “I’m on a mission to change that and master one cuisine at a time – it’s going to be delicious.”

Ludacris hopes to change that narrative in a new one-hour series for Discovery+ called “Luda Can’t Cook.”

The rapper has teamed up with veteran producer Will Packer to start in the series, where he will be schooled by James Beard Award-nominated chef, Meherwin Irani.

“The juxtaposition of a uniquely talented mega star like Luda against a backdrop that he has no real knowledge or skill set in makes for some highly entertaining shenanigans!” said Will Packer.

Meherwin Irani will work with Luda during the series to help the rapper step up his culinary game, by introducing him to various techniques through a series of masterclasses in the kitchen. 

After Luda has his cooking skills up, His recipes will be put to the test when he serves a room full of VIPs who will judge The rap stars dishes. 

“Luda Can’t Cook” will start streaming on February 25th exclusively on Discovery+.