Lupe Fiasco Promises 10 Track Project in 24 Hours

Been fiendin’ for some new Lupe … it’s about to pop off in a matter of hours!

Lupe Fiasco is tired of you all playing with his name. 

The rapper, who recently came at Royce Da 5 ‘9 with the incredible “Steve Jobs: SLR 3 ½” diss, has just announced that he plans to release a 10 track album in 24 hours.  He took to social media to share the news.

“Finna do an album from scratch in 24 hours… 1 song in… 9 to go… Last time I did this Stack was alive…” he said on Twitter at 3:34 A.M. (EDT).

This task seems to be an epic undertaking and folk are wondering if those plans include not only writing and production but having the project fully mixed and mastered.

Two hours after the announcement, he shared that one more song was completed.

“8 to go…” he posted at 5:13 A.M. (EDT) two hours and 19 minutes since the first one was completed.

The third track was completed at 8:32 AM (EDT), a little over three hours from the last track.

There are no words on whether or not these songs will have special guests on them or if he will include the Steve Jobs diss track on there. 

However, it is clear he is inspired and can’t wait to translate that into hot fire. Earlier this weekend, he reviewed Nas’ King’s Disease 2 album on his Instagram Live.  

He could barely get his thoughts out about Nas’ style of writing and how he has impacted several generations of rappers for at least three decades. 

“That’s Nas!” he said.  “He’s been doing that s### since he first started.”

“So, when you see n##### is doing all these gymnastics and theatrics and jumping all over the place, just know Nasir Jones,” he informs his followers.

He also credited Nas’ lyrical lineage — Nas was inspired by Kool G Rap and Rakim, who were inspired by Melle Mel.  Lupe would say that he is a part of that same rap family tree. Do you agree? 

Let’s see if this 24-hour project stacks up to his forefathers. 

In the meantime, catch homie on tour next year.

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