Lupe Fiasco Says He Could Soon Be Off Atlantic Records


(AllHipHop News) The tumultuous relationship between Lupe Fiasco and his label Atlantic Records appears to be finally coming to an end. After battles over musical content and release dates for his albums, Lupe revealed on Twitter that he is in negotiations for his next LP Tetsuo & Youth to be his last one released through Atlantic.

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In an interview with HipHopNation earlier this year, Lupe explained part of the issues with Atlantic stem from the company wanting him to sign a “360 Deal” and he refused. Lupe said at the time:

I don’t have a 360 deal. Since they can’t eat off my merchandise or my publishing or my touring they treat me like a third-class citizen up there… I paid the price for that…

I got my deal in like 2005, so that was when they were still trying to make that thing happen. By the time I got to my second album, The Cool, they really had it in place. I didn’t want to have to do it. They tried to negotiate it with me. It’s just the money wasn’t right. It just wasn’t right. And we were like, ‘Nah.’ Then they were like, ‘Well, if you don’t sign this 360 deal we can’t guarantee we’re gonna promote your records.’

Lupe’s latest project had been in limbo for over a year. According to reports, the Chicago rapper’s fifth studio album was only given a release date after the hacktivisit group Anonymous threatened Atlantic. Hours after Anonymous issued a public ultimatum, the label revealed Tetsuo & Youth will be dropping on January 20.

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