Machine Gun Kelly Explains Bloody Psychotic Incident Where He Smashed A Glass On His Face

Machine Gun Kelly

Machine Gun Kelly explains why he smashed a glass against his head during an after-party in New York. Read more!

Machine Gun Kelly has explained why he smashed a Champagne flute against his head during an after-party in New York earlier this week.

Following his concert at Madison Square Garden, the musician and his friends headed to Catch Steakhouse for an after-party. Video footage shows Kelly giving a speech to the crowd and banging the glass against his head.

Despite blood pouring down his face and neck and onto his clothes, the 32-year-old launched into an impromptu performance of his hit song “My Ex’s Best Friend.”

Machine Gun Kelly appeared on “Late Night with Seth Meyers” with the cut above his right eyebrow all cleaned up but still noticeable. Host Seth asked him to explain what happened.

“You know when you clink a Champagne glass with a fork to kind of get people’s attention? Yeah, well, I didn’t have a fork, so I just clinked it on my head,” he said.

Seth joked, “You know, in medicine, they call that ‘asking for it,'” and Kelly replied, “Yeah, so I had a serious case of that last night.”

Elsewhere, the singer admitted he felt “like s###” and flinched when he accidentally touched the cut while talking. He said to Seth, “Ow, f###, sorry, I keep forgetting I have this, but I’m a hand talker.”

Machine Gun Kelly shared photos of the incident on Instagram, which showed his right eyebrow caked in blood and bloodstains down the side of his nose, face, neck, chest, and all over his hands. He captioned the snaps, “NYC you’re my bloody valentine.”

He also posted footage of the smash on his Instagram Stories with the caption, “This is where things turned,” and gave fans a closer look at the wound. Checking out the injury using his phone’s camera, he remarked in the video: “Gross.”