Machine Gun Kelly Explains Why He Isn’t A Bigger Star (VIDEO)


(AllHipHop News) Machine Gun Kelly has been building his brand for almost ten years, but the Ohio native has yet to break out to become a major star on the mainstream level. Montreality spoke with MGK about why the “A Little More” rapper has yet to crossover.

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“I’m really only connecting with a few f*cking people, because I’m not speaking the same language as the mass. And the mass is like conformist, trend following, hypebeast,” said Kelly. “What’s hot in this day and age is not f*cking hot.”

He continued, “So when I’m saying all of these rude awakening statements and talking about my life, it’s not that big of an audience that’s going to relate to my life, because I live in the real f*cking world and I keep it 100%. It’s not a lot of 100 percenters out there.”

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Watch Machine Gun Kelly’s interview below.