Macklemore Calls Israel-Gaza War “Genocide”


“I condemn the murder of any human.”

The ongoing Israel–Hamas war has become one of the most polarizing political topics in the world, and Macklemore has decided to offer his thoughts on the extremely dangerous situation.

On Thursday (October 19), Macklemore posted a lengthy message on his Instagram page about the Middle East turmoil. The 40-year-old Grammy winner blatantly denounced the Hamas terrorist attack in Israel. In addition, he criticized the Israeli government for its treatment of Palestinian civilians.

“I have been in fear,” he began. “I have felt a literal lump in my throat and I cannot stay silent any longer. I condemn the murder of any human. The bombings, kidnappings and murder of the Israeli people carried out by Hamas was horrific in every way imaginable.”

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Furthermore, the Ben album creator called on both sides to agree to a ceasefire. Macklemore also suggested the United States is responsible for some of the casualties by backing Israel’s bombing and blockade efforts in the Gaza Strip.

“We are witnessing an unfolding genocide in Palestine at this very moment,” he continued. “A U.S.-backed human catastrophe in front of our eyes. Gaza is being demolished. Well over 1 million people have lost their homes. Schools, hospitals, places of worship obliterated.”

On October 7, Hamas militants conducted a coordinated surprise offensive inside Israel. Reports claim the attacks killed around 1,400 Israelis, including 260 people at a music festival near the Gaza border. Over 4,000 Gaza residents have reportedly lost their lives since the start of this latest round in a decades-old fight.

“By no means am I an expert on this conflict,” Macklemore concluded. “I am relatively new to this and learning as I go. [There are] 75 years of Palestinian occupation and deeply rooted pain on both sides, stemming back far before I was born. But there is no side to take when it comes to our collective human spirit. We all have a voice and a platform to stand for what is right and just. Even if it’s a one-on-one conversation with someone.”