Madonna Trashes Tory Lanez For Illegally Using Her Song “Into The Groove”

Madonna and Tory Lanez

Madonna called out Tory Lanez for his “illegal usage” of her song “Into The Groove” on his ’80s-themed album ‘Alone at Prom.’

Tory Lanez has found himself in more trouble as he faces scrutiny from Madonna.

Madonna is accusing the Canadian rapper/singer of using her song “Into The Groove” without permission. Tory Lanez sampled the single for his track “Pluto’s Last Comet,” which appears on his latest album Alone at Prom.

Tory Lanez released his ‘80s-inspired album Alone at Prom on December 10. Weeks later, Madonna commented on one of his Instagram posts to voice her displeasure.

“Read your messages [for] illegal usage of my song get into the groove,” she wrote.

Madonna’s “Into The Groove” was a song created for her 1985 film Desperately Seeking Susan. It also appeared as a bonus track on the worldwide reissue of her second studio album Like a Virgin, which originally dropped in 1984.

Tory Lanez’s “Pluto’s Last Comet” was produced by Chaz Jackson and Orlando Tha Great. It interpolates Madonna’s single in a noticeable fashion, making it fit with the ‘80s music theme of Alone at Prom.

So far, Tory Lanez hasn’t publicly responded to Madonna’s callout. But a sample dispute would only add to his problems as he’s currently awaiting trial for allegedly shooting Megan Thee Stallion.

Tory Lanez is facing a felony assault charge. He is scheduled to return to court in January.