Ma$e Talks Writing For Diddy: “’Mo Money Mo Problems’ I Came Up With That” 

Ma$e said he’s responsible for “creating it all,” at Bad Boy “from the lyrical standpoint,” but left because Diddy never paid him his worth.

Ma$e has explained why he left Diddy’s Bad Boy Records after only recording one album, despite being one of the most popular artists on the roster. 

According to the rapper turned pastor, he left due to a lack of respect but also because the money wasn’t right. He claims he was ‘the person creating it all” at the label, yet he was never credited or compensated for any of the “moments” he made.  

The Harlem World rapper discussed his beef with Diddy during an episode of Million Dollaz Worth of Game with Gillie Da Kid and Wallo267.  

Ma$e recalled, “Puff would go out and party and I would be in the studio writing the records.” When Diddy returned, he would select who would take what part, “but I was the person there creating it all; I mean from the lyrical standpoint,” he added.  

Ma$E Says He Wasn’t Getting Money Or Respect From Diddy

Then Ma$e claimed he created one of the biggest records of the era. “And even ‘Mo Money Mo Problems,’ I came up with that. I came up with the beat too,” he shared. “So just imagine all of these moments that are taken from you. The records, the beats. You aint getting the money, you aint getting the publishing and you aint getting the respect. And I don’t think you like that, to be pulling what you pulling,” he said.  

“You know what would come with doing that, but everybody is letting you get away with it,” Ma$e added, referring to Diddy. “So me quitting after one album, it didn’t take long for me to figure it out. You’re not paying me and you’re not respecting me,” he concluded. Check out the clip below and watch the episode at the end of the article.  

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Elsewhere during the interview, Ma$e claimed that his “disdain” for Diddy arose because Diddy prevented him from elevating, like all his peers. “I’m not here, all my peers are up here [raises his hand up to show his peers are at top level],” he continued. “All my peers are bosses.” 

However, Ma$e has drawn comparisons with Diddy over his treatment of Fivio Foreign, signed to his RichFish label. The Brooklyn drill star recently revealed that Ma$e gave him a $5,000 signing-on fee back in 2019. He took to Instagram with a message, seemingly in response to Fivio – “Diddy 2.0” spelled out in bills.
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