Chart-Topping MAGA Rapper Hosts Massive Protest To Support Disgraced Ex-President Donald Trump

Donald Trump

Rapper Forgiato Blow and his cronies are organizing a massive rally in support of Donald Trump, who is being indicted in Florida today!

In an unprecedented event, Donald Trump is scheduled to appear in federal court in Miami on Tuesday (June 13), where he’s being arraigned on 37 felony counts related to his alleged mishandling of classified documents. This marks the first time in U.S. history that a former president has been charged with a crime.

As Trump’s court appearance looms, MAGA-aligned figures, including prominent pro-Trump rapper Forgiato Blow, have called for public support outside of the courthouse.

Staunch alt-right rapper Forgiato Blow, who recently topped the iTunes charts with his song “Boycott Target,” is one of the key figures rallying support for Trump.

Blow’s song, a collaboration with fellow rappers Jimmy Levy, Nick Nittoli, and Stoney Dudebro, addresses what he perceives as an LGBTQ “agenda” that has gone “too far,” particularly targeting children’s Pride-themed clothing at Target stores.

Released on May 25, the track and its accompanying music video have garnered millions of views across platforms, despite Blow’s claims of widespread shadow-banning by social media sites and Apple.

In an impassioned plea to his hundreds of thousands of followers, Blow stated, “I want you outside that courthouse supporting Donald J. Trump. I mean, this is crazy what they’re doing. We gotta keep fighting for big Trump though. I want to see everybody out there tomorrow. Don’t forget a positive day a positive movement, fighting for Donald Trump. He loves us so we got to fight hard for him because we love him. So God bless all the Patriots.”

Trump, who has consistently maintained his innocence, is expected to plead not guilty.

The case, brought by Special Counsel Jack Smith, focuses on crimes allegedly committed in or around Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate in Palm Beach regarding his handling of classified documents. Trump’s arraignment and trial are set to take place in the U.S. District Court in the Southern District of Florida.

Meanwhile, Forgiato Blow’s “I Stand With Trump Rally” is taking place outside the courthouse. Fellow rapper and Flat Earth-promoting artist, Jimmy Levy, has also declared his intention to join the protest.

The rappers’ planned presence adds to the expected large crowds, with Miami officials preparing for a significant turnout. The indictment has stirred the political landscape, with some Republicans expressing concerns about the potential political fallout.

Former Rep. Charlie Dent (R-Pa.) revealed that many Republicans are hoping for Trump to “go away,” acknowledging that the indictments could be politically devastating for the party, especially if Trump becomes the nominee in a general election.

Notwithstanding the political discourse, Forgiato Blow remains steadfast in his support of Trump.

The rapper, who believes his music is “shifting the culture” and encourages his followers to “stand on your own and be a leader,” appears determined to rally for the former president, echoing the sentiments of the “hardcore MAGA wing folks” as described by Dent.

As the day progresses, the events unfolding outside the courthouse will likely reflect the deep divisions and fervor that continue to characterize American politics in the Trump era.