Mally Mall Heading Off To Prison For Pimping Hundreds Of Women

Mally Mall

Mally Mall just started a lengthy prison sentenced after he pleaded guilty to charges in relation to running a prostitution ring for over a decade!

“Love & Hip Hop Hollywood” star Mally Mall just headed off to prison for a few years for running illegal escort businesses in Las Vegas.

Mally was convicted of setting up shell companies to run a prostitution ring for at least 12 years in Clark County, according to prosecutors.

Mally took in large sums of money from his escort businesses, which allegedly prostituted hundreds of women.

But he never had legitimate permits for the companies, which operated from 2002 through 2014.

In 2014, Mally was charged after a dramatic raid on his home in Las Vegas.

A police helicopter landed in his front yard, as an armored vehicle commandeered by FBI agents knocked down the front gate of his mansion.

During Mally Mall’s trial, multiple women testified that they had been manipulated, traumatized, and humiliated by Mally.

He was also accused of verbally and physically abusing some of the victims who were imprisoned and enslaved according to the judge who sentenced him.

In October of 2019, Mally Mall, born Jamal Rashid, struck a plea deal with prosecutors to avoid dozens of years in prison.

He pleaded guilty to the use of an interstate facility to aid in the unlawful activity of prostitution.

Prosecutors sentenced Mally to the maximum penalty of 33 months. He will also have to service months of probation when he is finally released.

“Mally Mall over the last several years had dedicated his life to music and helping people,” Mally Mall said in a statement to “He has fully recognized the error in his ways and has gone out of his way to try to make amends. He intends to take full advantage of each and every program offered by the Federal Bureau of Prisons.”

In addition to starring in “Love & Hip Hop,” Mally Mall is a noted producer. He has crafted tracks for Snoop Dogg, Tyga, French Montana, Pusha T, Chris Brown, and others.