Man Convicted Of Nipsey Hussle’s Murder To Be Sentenced

Nipsey Hussle

Hip-Hop awaits the sentencing of Eric R. Holder for the murder of the beloved rap icon.

Eric R. Holder, 32, the man convicted of killing rapper Nipsey Hussle in broad daylight in 2019 is scheduled to be sentenced on Wednesday, Feb. 22.

In July 2022, jurors found Holder guilty of the first-degree murder of the West coast star, who was on the brink of mainstream success. The shooter faces a potential life prison term with the possibility of parole.

The then-33-year-old Grammy-nominated chart topper was hanging outside of his Marathon clothing store in the South Los Angeles neighborhood when he was approached by Holder for calling him a “snitch.”

The two men both were from that community, were acquaintances and had connections to the Rollin’ 60s sect of the Crip gang.

However, Nipsey was changing and the people around him knew it.

According to NBC News, Los Angeles County Deputy District Attorney John McKinney said during the trial,  “This man was different “He wanted to change the neighborhood. He kept the same friends. And the neighborhood loved him. They called him Neighborhood Nip.”

“He was no longer a gangbanger. He was a world-known recording artist and so much more. It really is a shame that his life was so brutally and coldly taken, on his own property, in his own neighborhood, by someone from his own gang. By somebody that he considered a friend,” he added.

The shooting was captured on camera— and was immediately shared on social media, traumatizing legions of fans.

In addition to murder, Holder was convicted of two counts of attempted voluntary manslaughter and two counts of assault with a firearm for gunfire that hit two others present at the scene of the crime. Those men survived.