Man Charged With Shooting And Killing 11-Year-Old As Rapper Shielded The Boy


A man has been charged in the shooting death of an 11-year-old, after a Houston rapper who was also killed tried to save the boy. 

An aspiring rapper who gave his life to try and save a child in the middle of a shootout may finally see justice. 

Montana22 was killed during a shootout at an apartment complex in October of 2020.

Montana22, born Emanuel Solomon, was struck as he tried to shield an 11-year-old named Dominic Sumicek from the gunfire.

Unfortunately, Montana 22’s life-saving efforts were in vain – he was mortally wounded, and unfortunately, Dominic Sumicek was also killed.

Earlier this week, the cops nabbed a 21-year-old named Desmond Hawkins for the murders. 

At the time of the double shooting, Hawkins was freed on bond for a capital murder charge he allegedly committed in 2017. 

Desmond Hawkins has been charged with the 11-year-old’s murder, and the cops are currently gathering evidence to charge him with Montana22’s murder as well.