Man Wants $1 Billion Dollars From 50 Cent, Claiming “Power” Ruined His Life

50 Cent

A man claims 50 Cent stole his life and adapted it for the hit series “Power,” which made him a target of the cops in a crazy lawsuit.

Being famous has its upsides, but there are also downsides to obtaining the kind of celebrity 50 Cent has achieved.

The rapper, who is the executive producer of the international hit series “Power,” has been targeted in the past, with lawsuits insisting he ripped off the show’s concept.

And although Fif has crushed every lawsuit alleging he lifted the idea for “Power,” it seems as though the success of the franchise has made him a mark for characters who think they deserve a piece of the earnings from the series.

50 Cent Facing $200 Million Lawsuit For Allegedly Stealing The Concept Of ‘Power’

Last week, a guy named Cory Holland Sr. filed a $1 billion dollar lawsuit against 50 Cent, Courtney Kemp, Starz, and Lionsgate, insisting they “ripped off” his life to produce the wildly successful series “Power.”

Holland maintains the storylines are not just similar, they are exact reproductions of his actual life. He  says he put the story of his life on a CD in 2007 and distributed his cautionary tale to at-risk youth.

Cory Holland’s lawsuit says “everything from the artwork, to the storylines to my friendships, life as a Druglord are included in this show.” And, Holland alleges the success of “Power” has had a harmful impact on his life.

The man declares some of the storylines in “Power” “brought law enforcement to my home in the form of raids,” because they were apparently so comparable to his real life.

Holland, who is representing himself, must have comprehended he would receive backlash because he sought to make it clear that he was not a crazed fan who is just clout chasing.

“This is not one of those lawsuits from a deranged fan or some somebody trying capitalize-off someone else’s success,” Holland wrote in his complaint. “This is about the actual theft of my life, and the damages that it has done as well the profits that the defendants have made from the of stealing and telling my life story without my consent.

Cory Holland says over 100 scenes from “Power” are based on his life, and he is seeking an exorbitant amount of money for destroying his reputation. Cory Holland is suing for “extreme emotional distress, mental anguish, theft of identity and defamation.”

As absurd as the legal action may be, 50 Cent and his representatives will have to spend some money fighting the lawsuit or risk a default judgment.

However, Holland’s legal will most likely to be thrown out of court and he could end up paying 50 Cent’s hefty legal bill to defend himself from the lawsuit.