Manager Of Slain Baltimore Rapper Lor Scoota Victim of Murder Less Than Two Weeks After Incident


(AllHipHop News) Trayvon Lee, manager of slain Baltimore rapper Lor Scoota, was murdered himself near his home Wednesday evening in a second  “targeted attack” according to police.

Lee was the CEO of YBS Records and managed the career of Tyriece “Lor Scoota” Watson, a buzzing Baltimore MC who was tragically murdered after attending a charity basketball game at Morgan State University.

Police Spokesman T.J. Smith says that Lor Scoota was murdered as retaliation for a non-fatal shooting one of his associates perpetrated.

Smith also says that although there’s currently not enough evidence to connect the murder of Lor Scoota and his manager Lee, it’s definitely an idea that’s not out of the question.

“Is it ironic? Is it a coincidence? We don’t know the answer to that yet. As investigators are we looking at that? Absolutely. We’re dealing with another young man taken away from his family.

“He has a child, and now there’s another fatherless child who will grow up in Baltimore because someone decided to use a gun to take him down,” T.J. Smith said. “This is a vicious cycle of violence that’s continuing.”

Lee’s brother Pachino “Chino” Braxton survived a drive-by shooting incident on the same block his sibling was murdered on this February.

He left the heartfelt message below on his Instagram. Braxton is a popular dirt biker and Dreamchasers affiliate.