Mariah Carey Expertly Trolls Eminem With #WipeItDownChallenge

Eminem and Mariah Carey

Legendary songbird Mariah Carey decided to troll her nemesis, Eminem!

That “Mariah Carey” thing, Nick … we get it. She is funny as hell.

For years, people were trying to see how on earth did the diva Mariah Carey and funny man, Nick Cannon, stay married for 8 years.

Humor must have been the key.

As the songbird celebrates the 12th anniversary of her
Billboard-chart-topping single “Obsessed,” he gets in her comedic bag— again mocking rapper Eminem who was kinda featured in the music video of the song.

Back in 2009, the 51-year-old dressed up in jest as an “obsessed” fan who did whatever he could to be in her space. It played up the rumors that the Detroit rapper was sprung on her and telling everyone that they were an item.

This rumor is the source of the continued beef between Nick Cannon and “the Rap God.” Well, years later, Carey is pulling out that b-boy drag once again.

This time, she merged the song, the drag, and the drama (had to be dramatic, it’s Mariah) in her own version of the popular TikTok #WipeItDownChallenge.

She pops in the frame with her rollers and face mask, wipes one way to a glammed-up version of herself in another wipe, she is thugged out.

Oh …she is slim shady!

She posted it on her Instagram with the caption: “Just for laughs … from last year’s lockdown when all I did was wipe tings down. #HappyAnniversaryObsessed.”

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She might be something to be obsessed with. As recently as 2019, Nick and Em (who are neither in a relationship with her) are still beefing.