Yung Miami & Mariah The Scientist Clash Over “BMF” Series

Mariah the Scientist and Yung Miami

Yung Miami and Mariah the Scientist are squabbling online over the City Girls’ acting chops!

Yung Miami has clashed with Mariah the Scientist over her acting in the TV show “BMF.”

The singer-songwriter Mariah – real name Mariah Amani Buckles – appeared to call out the City Girls rapper’s performance on a recent episode of the 50 Cent-produced Starz series, also known as “Black Mafia Family.”

“I feel like I could’ve said meech where is my husband,” she tweeted, referencing one of Miami’s lines as Deanna Washington on the program.

The Hip-Hop star, also known as Caresha Romeka Brownlee, later responded to Mariah’s post, and noted, “I’m tryna figure out what this mean(s).”

After the post stirred up debate online, Mariah returned to social media to defend her original post.

“Stop trying to put words in my mouth, I liked the role and the show,” she insisted. “Y’all want me 2 be controversial so bad.”

After the Twitter exchange, Mariah also explained her remarks via an Instagram Live message.

“Why do every time I tweet anything, off top, it’s a problem,” she lamented. “It don’t matter what I say, period. I walk around all day long saying, ‘Meech, where’s my husband?’ All day, every day.”

The 25-year-old continued, “I’m truly convinced y’all always gotta make some beef with me no matter what. One hundred percent.”