Martin Shkreli To DJ Akademiks: My Rowdy Associates May Be Looking For You (VIDEO)


(AllHipHop News) Controversial pharmaceutical executive Martin Shkreli has found a new target of disdain.

Shkreli uploaded a video to YouTube addressing media personality DJ Akademiks.

The federally indicted businessman actually began his digital assault against Akademiks on Twitter.

“My dude. i will confront you. it will not be good for you. never talk ill on me again or extreme circumstances will befall you,” wrote Shkreli in response to an Akademiks’ video on Turing Pharmaceuticals founder allegedly buying Lil Wayne’s Tha Carter V album.

Ak fired back with, “bruh u gotta make up a name like Big Gucci Marty…. and at least have a DRACO to be convincing.”

That Twitter message was followed by Shkreli discussing the issue during a Periscope broadcast.

“F-ck Akademiks. If I ever saw Akademiks in the streets, I would smack the sh-t out of him,” stated Shkreli. “Fake ass DJ wanna-be, f-cking rap persona bullsh-t. Making YouTube videos, piece of sh-t b-tch. I’ll f-cking cut you, man.”

Shkreli turned down the aggression in another vid uploaded to YouTube but maintain the threatening nature.

“Mr. Akademiks, I regret I must address our recent interaction in a public setting,” said Shkreli. “Your insistence on attempting to debase my good name have not gone unnoticed and leave me little choice but to levy a brutal retaliation.”

The 33-year-old went on to claim he assigned his business executives to do “extensive research” on Akademiks.

“My understanding from my colleagues is you’ve never seen inside a jail cell. Let me tell you sir, you would not do well in such conditions,” added Shkreli.

In addition, Shkreli stated he had no intention to physically harm Akademiks because he is currently out on bail, but the man known as “Pharma Bro” claimed his “vast staff” knows where the social media star sleeps “on a nightly basis.”

The Brooklyn native declared, “Despite my requests that my employees refrain from harming you, they are a rowdy and a difficult group to control. The mention of my name in your video angered these gentlemen significantly.”

These “employees” supposedly have criminal histories and access to legal weapons, according to Shkreli.

“I give you fair warning that my associates may be looking for you and there’s little I can do to call them off,” said Shkreli. “I wish you luck in defending yourself from the reality that you’ve created.”

Check out how the back-and-forth played out on YouTube and Twitter below.