Mary J. Blige Reveals New Song Inspired By Ex-Husband Who Left Her So Broke She Couldn’t Pay Rent

Mary J Blige

Mary J. Blige claimed, “Rent Money” is about her husband leaving her so financially drained she couldn’t afford to pay her rent.

Mary J. Blige recently discussed not getting paid for performing in the epic Super Bowl Halftime Show on Sunday (Feb. 13). She called the show “an opportunity of a lifetime” that ensures “you’re gonna be paid,” for life.  

However, there was a time when life was not going so well for the Queen of Hip-Hop/ Soul, in fact, she couldn’t even make rent.  

Mary J. Blige spoke candidly about the financial difficulties she endured following her separation from her husband Martin ‘Kendu’ Isaacs in 2016. The pair had an acrimonious split, and their divorce was finalized two years later.  

However, Mary J. Blige put her pain into her art writing about her experiences in her new album, “Good Morning Gorgeous,” released on Feb. 11. The nine-time Grammy Award winner made some eye-opening revelations during a recent interview. She admitted her new song “Rent Money,” featuring Dave East, was inspired by her split with her ex-husband. 

“‘Rent Money’ is about when I first got the divorce, Mary J told Angie Martinez. “I had to give up all this alimony, and I didn’t have no more money to give because he had spent it all.” 

“I Was Drained Of Everything” 

Mary continued and explained how she had to bring in extra money to make the court-ordered payments to her ex-husband. “So I had to go and, you know, I had to go on tour and make all the money back to pay the alimony,” she said. “I didn’t have no money to pay my rent and all this other stuff. But it’s also a metaphor, I didn’t have my soul – like, I was just drained of everything. So it was time for somebody to pay,” she added.  

Furthermore, Mary J. Blige admitted, “Sometimes you just feel like somebody gotta pay. I was very angry when I made that song and I was like, rent money due. Period,” she concluded.

Meanwhile, Dr. Dre revealed on Monday (Feb. 15) that he is working with Mary J. Blige on her next album. The West Coast legend disclosed that Mary joined him at his home studio following Sunday’s Super Bowl. We went downstairs to the studio, and she was playing me samples, and we were just vibing out,” Dre said.   

He let slip, “we’re talking about working together on her next project,” before apologizing to Mary for leaking the news! 

Listen to “Rent Money” below. 

Mary J. Blige – Rent Money (feat. Dave East) [Official Video]