Ma$e Suggests NBA Teams Refuse To Sign Dwight Howard Because Of His Sexuality

Ma$e Dwight Howard

The 8-time All-Star is accused of sexually assaulting another man.

Former NBA player Dwight Howard finds himself at the center of attention in a court of law and the court of public opinion. Howard’s sexuality became a trending topic this week, and even Ma$e shared his opinions on the subject.

According to reports, Dwight Howard admitted to “consensual sexual activity” with a man named Stephen Harper and another man just known as “Kitty” in July 2021. Harper had filed a lawsuit in Georgia against Howard, claiming the 6’10” basketball star sexually assaulted him.

Ma$e and Cam’ron talked about the Dwight Howard story on the It Is What It Is sports talk show. That conversation included Ma$e suggesting the ex-Laker was not on an NBA team because of his sexual preferences.

“We gotta stop telling people, ‘I don’t care what you do on your own time.’ Because we do care,” stated Ma$e. “We gotta stop telling n#####, ‘What you do in your own personal time has nothing to do with me.’ It does, my n####. It does matter. Those are the lies that are going on in society.”

The Harlem-bred rapper also added, “When it comes down to making money off the story, it matters. When it comes down to who’s dating you, it’s gonna matter… When it comes down to if you’re gonna be in the locker room with them, it matters. Because there are about thirty teams that did not sign Dwight Howard because it matters.”

As far as the civil case against Dwight Howard, the accuser, Stephen Harper, claims the Atlanta-born athlete also inflicted emotional distress and falsely imprisoned him. Howard’s legal team has denied those allegations.

“The truth is Mr. Howard blocked Mr. Harper on social media and then was confronted with two options — pay to protect his reputation or have a fabricated story made public,” Howard’s attorney, Justin Bailey, told ESPN.

Dwight Howard played for seven NBA teams during his professional basketball career. His most recent stint in the league took place in 2021-2022 with the Los Angeles Lakers. He won an NBA Championship as part of the Lakers franchise in 2020.

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