Master P Aims To Connects Fans & Celebrities With “Streemz”

Master P Forms Streaming Company

The explosion of Social Media has undoubtedly changed the world of entertainment, opening a larger window for fans to peek into the lives of some of their favorite celebrities. From reality TV to mega platforms like Twitter, for better or worse, it’s never been easier to interact with one another.

Now mogul and legendary No Limit founder Master P has entered the Social Media game, officially launching Streemz, a new rebel technology company.

With most ad revenue generated by clicks and the amount of eyes that ultimately hit a website, despite being a driving force in bringing fans to various blogs and platforms, celebrities aren’t given a cut of the billions that these sites are making.

Master P intends to change that, offering celebrities a new technology that aggregates all their social content into one channel; giving them a fair share of the ad revenues already being enjoyed by major sites. It’s an innovative concept from the businessman and technology guru also known as Percy Miller, as the new celebrity channel allows fans to stay connected 24/7.

It’s a win for advertisers too, who will be able to speak to a specific celebrity, and their fan base, in order to create exciting online campaigns in real time.

“If you’re starting a revolution, it’s best to start at the cash register. My focus is growing the pie so that everyone benefits. There are several thousand celebrities worldwide that all deserve their fair share. I created Streemz to spread the wealth,” explains Master P.

Streemz is a new technology platform that broadcasts any media or content to all its users in near real time format.  It’s not a website technology. It’s a channel of possibilities, especially, with the marketing expertise of Annette McFarland, and Mike Felder at the helm of Streemz Sports.

Backed by a solid team of social media technology experts, the man responsible for selling over 75 million records independently is looking to shakeup the industry again by giving his peers a blueprint for digital success. He’s already lined up several top celebrities, musicians, actors and athletes to launch what in the next 60 days. He believes it’s a revolution whose time has come.

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