Master P Claims Miscommunication Caused Money Issue With Jess Hilarious

Master P

The New Orleans-bred businessman addresses the allegations.

During her stint as a guest host on The Breakfast Club, internet personality Jess Hilarious discussed her experience working with Percy “Master P” Miller on 2019’s I Got the Hook-Up 2 movie. She claimed the No Limit boss did not fully compensate her for the job.

“That man will talk a good game to you,” said Jess Hilarious on the radio program last month. “Even with me – [I Got the Hook-Up 2]. I’m still owed some bread for that. I’m not gonna lie.”

The Baltimore native added, “I did two scenes. He thought if he used one scene he ain’t gotta pay for the second one. No. I stayed there for thirteen hours to do two scenes… You know I Got The Hook-Up was a long skit.”

At first, Master P responded by suggesting Jess Hilarious was just joking. However, the Wild ‘n Out comedian doubled down on her allegations that Miller still owed her $15,000 for playing Officer Keisha Smith in the movie.

Master P Calls On People To Change Their Thoughts & Patterns

This week, Master P stopped by The Breakfast Club to address the I Got the Hook-Up 2 payment situation involving Jess Hilarious. The Ghetto D album creator insisted lack of communication was really the issue that may have caused any confusion.

“The young lady that was on here, I like her. She’s funny to me. I wouldn’t have put her into the movie if I didn’t feel like that,” said Master P. The Breakfast Club‘s Charlamagne Tha God then asked the 52-year-old entrepreneur if “miscommunication” played a role in the financial dispute with Jess Hilarious.

Master P responded, “Yes, I really do… Why [are] we talking about that? I’m not even in the music business no more. I’m not in the entertainment business. So you take that and turn it into clicks… It’s all a miscommunication. What she read is not about her. Let’s change this, let’s change our thoughts and our patterns.”