Master P Publishes Kid’s Book By 7-Year-Old Boy Who Was Shot In The Head 

Master P and Snoop Dogg’s Snoop Loopz teamed up with the inspiring Malakai Roberts to publish the kid’s book “Adventures with Malakai.”

Master P is encouraging kids to overcome diversity, publishing a children’s book with a young Kentucky boy who lost his sight due to an act of gun violence. 

Ten-year-old Malakai Roberts became involved in the Future Healers Program in Louisville after he was shot in the head. The December 2020 incident left him permanently blind. After teaming up with Master P and Snoop Dogg’s Snoop Loopz cereal, Malakai hopes to inspire other kids.  

The book, titled “Adventures with Malakai” will be available next year. “He’s an inspiration for kids overcoming adversity,” declared Master P. 

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“This book is going to be special because Malakai is special,” said Master P, as per WLKY News. “I mean, this kid has never given up with all the adversity he went through so this book is gonna be special. And it’s all about kids, so we’re gonna be able to teach kids and help Malakai keep his adventures going.”  

Malakai and the No Limit Records founder unveiled the new book at a Kentucky YMCA on Wednesday afternoon (Oct. 5).  

“It’s going to be incredible for the kids,” Master P explained. “I mean, cause we want kids to know how to overcome adversity and by him losing his eyesight with the tragedies he’s been through, this has been incredible to be able to write a book with Malakai.” 

Master P & Snoop Dogg Launch New Food Business

Snoop Dogg and his mentor Master P offer a line of breakfast foods with their new joint venture. Alongside Snoop Loopz cereal, the Momma Snoop brand was unveiled last month to fill the void left after the ‘Aunt Jemima” brand was discontinued. Momma Snoop will offer grits, oatmeal, maple syrup, pancake mix, and more.  

Both product lines are produced by Snoop’s Broadus Foods company, with Master P serving as the company’s CEO. The company also aims to support charities and “inspire economic empowerment.”