Master P Talks Pimp C, Bill Cosby Case, & Jarren Benton Saying He's Joining No Limit (VIDEO)


(AllHipHop News) Louisiana rap legend Master P stopped by The Breakfast Club this week. The 40-minute conversation included P speaking about numerous topics including his one time feud with UGK’s Pimp C, the current sexual assault accusations against Bill Cosby, and Funk Volume emcee Jarren Benton’s Instagram post claiming he was about to join No Limit Records.

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On Pimp C:

I ain’t never said nothing about that. Never. I respected the man. The lady [Julia Beverly] who got her book – the book is wrong. The man got out of jail. You know what the man did? He hit me up. He said, “P, I’m sorry and thank you man, because I know what type of dude you is. I was on that dope.” You got people sitting around talking. Where were y’all at though? Y’all don’t know the real part of this…

Where I come from, nobody’s gonna give you a pass just because you’re saying you’re on drugs… Drugs will give you that false courage…

Some people you just don’t play with. I’ve never disrespected nobody. I don’t bang on wax. I never made a song about nobody. I’m gonna be a real man. If I got a problem with you, I’m gonna call you and address it.

On Bill Cosby:

When you look at that Bill Cosby situation, I just think people looked at him as the perfect dad or the perfect person. Even when it comes down to money, you know sometimes egos get involved to where you got money and power, and you act like you’re better than everybody and can make people do this.

Personally, I don’t think he did that to all those women. I do feel like society has made him into a monster because [of his] ego from 20, 30 years ago. I think that’s how the system goes. They’re gonna catch you [like,] “Oh, you think you’re better.” Even with Michael Jackson. They had to figure out a way to bring him down, because when somebody thinks you’re the perfect person – it’s no perfect people out here.

On Jarren Benton:

I never met him. I never heard of him. Maybe he just likes No Limit. To be honest, I never heard of him, but a lot of people understand what No Limit is about. They know I probably could teach them and show them something. Maybe this one guy might want this opportunity, but I never heard of him.

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Watch Master P’s interview below.