Max B. Continues To Plan For Release From Prison


(AllHipHop News) Max B. continues to wait on the decision of his appeal, after being sentenced to prison for his involvement in a botched stick up, that resulted in a murder in September of 2006.

The rapper has been incarcerated since June of 2009 on charges of armed robbery, kidnapping and conspiracy to murder, over an incident in Fort Lee, New Jersey.

Max was sentenced to 75 years in jail for his role in the incident, which occurred as Max B.’s step brother Kelvin Leerdam and Max’s ex-girlfriend Gina Conway were to rob two men of over $40,000 in cash in a Fort Lee, New Jersey hotel room.

The robbery resulted in the death of David Taylor, who was shot at point-blank range in the face by Leerdam.

The Wave Gang’s front man spoke with about his plans for the future, when the decision is handed down, and his outlook continues to remain positive.

“I just want to get home, chill be with the kids and family , spend some good quality time , eat a good meal smoke a fat one and get a bottle of that (Grand) Cru [cognac],” Max B. told

The rapper is obviously anxious to get out prison and back on to the streets, so he can pursue his music career, since he continues to hone his skills behind bars.

“I gotta get back to what I do, I can’t even play with it, I got some real plans for the touch down,” Max B. said. “I want to do some nice work , I wanna drop a double album and give it to the people for real.”

When he was on the scene, Max B., born Charly Wingate, had generated interest from mixtapes and live shows.

He had signed two deals with Jim Jones: A recording contract with ByrdGang Records and another separate deal, to help with the production of Jim Jones’ albums.

Max B. has since been released from the services of Jim Jones and dropped his debut album Vigalante Season, which is avalable at

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