Battle Of The Waves: Max B Addresses Kanye’s Album Title, ‘Waves’


Photo Credit: Support Max B

(AllHipHop News) Earlier today (Feb. 3), Max B voiced his thoughts on Kanye West changing his upcoming album’s title to, WavesBiggavelli, the avant-guarde Harlem artist is credited with creating the wavy-movement. In an audio interview, Max b expressed that he has “no issue” with Mr. West, this according to The Breakfast Club.

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When questioned about Kanye’s controversial move Max opened up. “I appreciate it, I’m flattered dude is even acknowledging the situation, it’s all gravy,” explained the avant-garde artist, “Everybody knows I’m an innovator, everybody knows I got an imagination, I come up with these words and these slogans and these catchphrases and it’s all good. When the people follow suit, it’s all good. I appreciate it. I love it. Thank-you.”

Although he hasn’t offiical met Yeezy,  Max B is humble that his artist integrity could inspire Kanye.  “It’s all good. I feel that’s what art’s about. We take things from each other…. He ain’t drop a diss record, he just called his album Waves.”

There’s nothing like an MC with maturity.