MC Hammer Defends Tupac Biopic After Criticism From Jada Pinkett Smith


(AllHipHop News) MC Hammer has labelled the Tupac biopic a “truthful portrayal” of his late friend.

The musician is the latest star to voice his opinion about movie “All Eyez On Me,” which focuses on the life of Tupac Shakur until his death in 1996, and stars Demetrius Shipp, Jr. and Kat Graham as Tupac and Jada Pinkett Smith respectively.

The project hit headlines earlier this week, when Jada slammed it for being a false portrayal of her relationship with the late rapper, but Hammer, real name Stanley Burrell, thinks it’s an accurate depiction of his former pal.

Writing on Twitter, Hammer told fans: “Everything seen,said and done ain’t meant to be in a movie. #AllEyezOnMe is an EXCELLENT TRUTHFUL portrayal of my LOVED one. I Salute it.”

He then responded to a fan questioning several facts in the film, replying: “It’s a Truthful portrayal of who #Tupac the MAN was and is.”

Hammer later added to the fan: “After you see the movie you will understand my response to your question. It’s a great movie. It’s not a documentary. Salute.”

His remarks come after Jada posted a series of tweets on Friday attacking the filmmakers behind the biopic, including one in which she admitted the “reimagining of my relationship to Pac” has been “deeply hurtful”.

However, the movie’s producer L.T. Hutton told that he had never intended to precisely recreate Jada and Tupac’s relationship, but wanted to depict it in the way he thought the rapper would have wanted.

He added to the outlet that he’s “hurt and disappointed” Jada decided to blast the project so publicly, adding that he studied the actress’ own words about the late star in interviews to ensure the film was “very responsible” towards her and everyone else’s images.

He also insisted that the last he’d heard, she was happy with the movie, adding he had “no intention” of hurting her.