MC Lyte Heading To T.V. With Her Own Sitcom

MC Lyte

MC Lyte just landed her own sitcom on prime-time T.V. called “Partners In Rhyme” in a new deal with streaming service ALLBLK!

Fans will certainly cram to understand how Hollywood has taken so long to give the iconic rapper MC Lyte her own T.V. show.

And so it is with great excitement we announce that the “Lyte as a Rock” emcee will be starring in a sitcom called “Partners In Rhyme.”

According to Yahoo News, this will be a seven-episode series and air on the streaming service affiliated with AMC Networks called ALLBLK.

She will star and serve as the executive producer on the show. The character she will be playing is named Lana Crawford.

On the show, her character is a rapper whose label drops her. She has no money (but a lot of debt), and she has to figure out her next move.

She decides to be a manager, and so she gets her niece to let her guide her career. Her niece, whose rap moniker is “Lucious T,” moves in with her aunt, and therein lies the conflict.

A press release breaks down the plot of the show saying, “It’s old school versus new school in this comical look at the record industry through the eyes of a female hip-hop icon and her young protégé.”

“Starring MC Lyte and directed by Bentley Kyle Evans,” it continues. “The light-hearted, half-hour sitcom follows the life of rap pioneer Lana Crawford (MC Lyte). When Lana discovers she is being dropped as an artist from her label and in massive debt, The O.G. rap star is propositioned into managing her niece Lucious T (“Precious Way,” ABC’s “Queens”)…an up and coming Instagram rapper.”

One cool fact is that the lead character’s name is the same as MC Lyte’s in real life.

“Partners in Rhyme” will premiere November 18th.