Meek Mill Apologizes For Snapping On Social Media, Promises To Leave Hatred In 2020

Meek Mill

A Clubhouse room focused on Philly area musicians got heated.

Early this morning, Meek Mill’s name was one of the top trending topics on Twitter in the United States. The high interest in the Dream Chasers label head was the result of a discussion on the Clubhouse app that made its way to Twitter.

In the clips circulating online, Meek could be heard talking to other Philadelphia natives like PnB Rock and Gillie Da King about helping up-and-coming rappers from their hometown. Swizz Beatz, 21 Savage, Karen Civil, Wallo, and Chino Braxton were also in the room. The conversation lasted for two hours.

People in that Clubhouse session talked about a variety of topics, including giving back to the community and rising acts signing records deals. Meek also took issue with blogs like The Shade Room for financially benefiting off perpetuating tension among celebrities.

At one point, Meek Mill got into a shouting match with a Philadelphia-based rap artist named Omar Teagle Jr. Things got heated when Meek blasted Teagle for supposedly growing up in the Delaware suburbs and being the son of a “rat.” Meek also tried to get someone kicked out of the room for saying a $20,000 advance was not a lot of money for a starting recording contract.

The negative reactions to Meek’s Clubhouse rants caused him to respond on Twitter. In a series of now-deleted tweets, the “Ima Boss” rapper stood his ground and insisted he will never be banned from Philadelphia.

“You can’t come at me and think [you’re] getting a deal. We shutting all that down lol. Lucky I’m smart,” posted Meek. “I ain’t turn the whole hood up lol y’all managers and all gotta stand on y’all actions with Meek lol ain’t no getting around me.”

In another deleted tweet, he added, “I can’t believe they thought they was gone bully me lol. I’m shooting my whole next project in Philly not for respect to make it clear nobody gotta fear a neighborhood chump… Ima make sure its all nonresidential areas so it’s safe also.”

About seven hours later, Meek returned to Twitter to offer a mea culpa. The 33-year-old Roc Nation affiliate tweeted, “Ima have a better reaction in 2021… I apologize when [I] snap out sometimes… then convos that stem from hatred, strike me hard from my upbringing! After that [Nipsey Hussle] s### my hatred level went up. I’ma boss up leave it in 2020!”