Meek Mill Challenges Reed Dollaz To Rap Battle: “U Know Ima Call/Dm Away”

Meek Mill

The two Philly rappers reminisce on the good old days and their old beef.

Meek Mill recently acknowledged his battle rap days and how he was split between two worlds. In a video posted by Reed Dollaz, Meek talks about commercial success being at the tip of his fingers, while the street culture of battle emceeing was scratching at his ego.

“I’m living at the top of Beverly Hills,” he said. “I got every car you can imagine. My girlfriend at the time is a pop star. I’m looking at and I’m getting confused like ‘What the f##k … I’m losing?’ Alright yeah, this battle rapping s##t is getting kind of bad right now … but don’t put no losing [on my name], what the hell?”

As Meek continued, he showed love to battle platforms such as Headshot and the Philly battle icon Young Bob, who spearheaded the movement. He also noted he was locked into the DVD age that helped propel battle rap into its current stratosphere (i.e., Headshot and SMACK DVD). He also mentioned the hazel-eyed emcee who at one point proved to be his nemesis. According to Meek, living in Beverly Hills didn’t stop him from being a target.

“I come from Philadelphia,” he continued. “If you know me, if you follow me from like Headshot days and like Young Bob and all the rap DVD’s, we were going through a Reed Dollaz. I’m talking about he was just dropping s##t on us. I’m in the house with my own homies they like ‘Man, this is killing you right now.’ And I’m screaming to my homies is ‘Now y’all d##k riding this man. He coming at all of us.’”

Reed got wind of the conversation and captioned, “DRAAAKE! (Soulja voice) Steal sharpens steal. #phillyniggas salute #meekmill  #reeddollaz (side bar) s/o to shawty in the crowed like “reed .. THATS MY BOO.”

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Another clip, which was deleted but captured by Battle Rap Trap, had a similar vibe.

“Bro was in gladiator school with us!” Reed Dollaz said. “@meekmill . Killas respect killas! You can hate or love it but it can not be erased!! #philly #whileyouryoung #newsinglealert @linkinbio.”

Meek replied, “We might neeed to battle again verse for verse … I don’t know how to do the new style battling … I just do best verse for verse … always will put it on the line rap so boring.”

Reed followed up with “@meekmill nah foreal tho, they tried to crucify me when I came back lol but I adapted and still kept it Philly and reed! Let’s turn the culture back UP! That idea we talked about is major! Streets need broski! U know ima call/dm away!”