Meek Mill Lashes Out At DJ Drama On Twitter Rant: “He’s A Goofy”  

Meek Mill DJ Drama

Meek Mill slammed DJ Drama in an online war of words berating the DJ for downplaying him: “DONT LET THESE INDUSTRY LAMES USE YOU.”

Meek Mill has blasted DJ Drama on Twitter, calling him “goofy” over comments he made about the rapper in a recent interview.  

During an appearance on The Jay Hill Podcast, the Atlanta-based DJ was asked about who he thought was the JAY-Z of today’s generation. When the host suggested, “Meek Mill is the JAY-Z of our culture,” DJ Drama disagreed.  

“I think it’s Drake — one thousand percent,” he replied. “Drake came out in ’08. It’s 2023. He changed the sound of Hip Hop. He’s literally ran every summer.” 

Meek Mill Takes Aim At DJ Drama

However, Meek Mill caught wind of the interview and didn’t take too kindly to DJ Drama’s remarks. On Monday, the furious Philly representative went on a social media rant, tearing into Drama in a series of tweets.  

“Dj drama a goofy over these hoes lol he won’t speak good on me I tore him up in the a,” Meek Mill began. “I asked drama why he always speaking down on me with a few other words too told him he’s a goofy… I also hit him when he tried to compare dreams and nightmares to I wanna rock AND DOWNPLAY ME … DONT LET THESE INDUSTRY LAMES USE YOU THEY DONT REALLY EVEN LIKE YOU SMH LOL.” 

Meek followed up with a screenshot of an alleged text exchange between him and DJ Drama. In it, Drama wrote, “s### aint got nothin to do wit no b######. [To] be honest i don’t even speak on ALL THE REAL SUCKA S### u be DOIN! [That’s] the crazy part!” 

He continued: “U just did it to me again for the TINY DESK PODCAST F##### MY WHOLE ROLLOUT UP AND WASNT EVEN MAN ENOUGH TO JUST TELL ME NO!!!!” 

The Wins & Losses creator offered a one-word response: “Clown.”  

He eventually addressed the DJ’s comments about Drake being the JAY-Z of our culture. 

“And I’m the meek of this generation,” he added. “nothing can’t be hov he laid all this s### out for us you gotta make your own movie outchea that’s that niggaitis who the new hov …. I respect that highly can’t be re-done … drama tryna divide and conquer a feat lol drama basically  started/powered that meek and drake beef … so to see him compare us again and cut youngin off to where he can’t barely speak so much gat in his mouth lol.” 

DJ Drama Asks “Where’s The Lie?!”

Meanwhile, DJ Drama refused to engage with Meek Mill on Twitter and took to Instagram to respond. He shared a screenshot of a text allegedly sent by the rapper, calling him goofy over his comments. “This really why he mad [man shrugging his shoulder emoji],” he captioned the photo. 

In a second slide, Drama shared a clip of the interview telling fans to “watch for yaselves.” He added, “where’s the lie?!” 

Check out the online back-and-forth below.