Meek Mill Blasts News Coverage Of Missing Titan Submarine

Meek Mill

The outspoken tweeter questions the headline-making story.

Meek Mill has a lot of people on social media reacting to one of his takes once again. This time, the Philadelphia-bred rapper went viral for sharing his thoughts on the lost OceanGate submarine.

OceanGate provides undersea travel to view the wreck of the Titanic ship using submersibles. According to reports, the United States-based company’s Titan submersible disappeared off the coast of Newfoundland, Canada on June 18.

Five people are said to be on board the Titan, including British-Pakistani businessman Shahzada Dawood and his 19-year-old son Suleman Dawood. News outlets from around the world have been covering the incident over the last four days.

Meek Mill apparently took issue with how the press is reporting on the Titan and its missing passengers. The 36-year-old Expensive Pain rapper tweeted his response to some of the latest information about the incident.

“I can’t see a wealthy man doing this with no extreme backup plans… with your son, not saying it’s fake but the way y’all run the same clips in [the] media not even working on the average minds anymore… all types of stuff going on in the world, y’all headlining with no real info lol,” posted Meek Mill.

The United States Coast Guard, United States Navy and Canadian Coast Guard have been taking part in search and rescue efforts for OceanGate’s Titan. It’s possible the submersible’s breathable air supply will run out by Thursday morning (June 22).

Last week, Meek Mill faced online backlash after offering his opinion on the situation involving R&B singer YK Osiris and reality show star Sukihana. Footage of YK Osiris forcibly kissing Sukihana led to Meek asking the public not to chastise the “Worth It” performer.