Meek Mill Pardoned By Pennsylvania Governor: “I’m Only Gone Do More For My Community” 

Meek Mill

Meek Mill vowed to do even more for his community after receiving a pardon from Gov. Tom Wolf on Thursday.

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Meek Mill says he’s going to do even more for his community after he was pardoned this week.  

The “Dreams and Nightmares” hitmaker announced his amazing news on Instagram Thursday (Jan. 12). The pardon comes nearly 15 years after his conviction for drug-and-weapons-related charges. 

“I have taken this process very seriously,” a statement from the Governor’s office reads. “Reviewing and giving careful thought to each and every one of these 2,540 pardons and the lives they will impact. Every single one of the Pennsylvanians who made it through the process truly deserves their second chance, and it’s been my honor to grant it.” 

Meek Mill Vows To Do More Community Work After Being Pardoned

He shared a photo of the declaration signed by Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf. “Thankyall 🥲 I’m only gone do more for my community on god!” Meek Mill penned in the caption. 

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Meek Mill was among 369 individuals who received a pardon in Pennsylvania this week. Gov. Wolf has issued more pardons than any other governor in Philadelphia history – 2,540 pardons since taking office in 2015. 

The Philly native has been a central player in the fight for criminal justice reform since his release from prison in 2018. He was sentenced to 2-4 years imprisonment in 2017 over violating his probation for a 2008 drug and gun conviction, sparking public outcry and nationwide protests. 

He was later freed after the Supreme Court overruled Judge Genece Brinkley’s ruling to imprison Meek for violating his probation.  

Meek’s lawyers accused Judge Genece Brinkley of having a vendetta against Meek and pointed to a crooked cops’ fabricated testimony during the rapper’s original trial. The Supreme Court agreed with his defense attorneys’ arguments, and Meek Mill was subsequently released on Apr. 24, 2018.  

“I feel good things coming to me!!!!!” Meek Mill tweeted on Thursday. He later added, “I got pardoned today …, I’m taking things really far from being a trench baby!”  

Earlier this week, Meek Mill, Michael Rubin, and Kevin Hart announced a $7 million donation to educational causes in Philly. As reported by, Meek was involved in a series of philanthropic contributions with the REFORM alliance during December.