Meek Mill Raises Millions To Help Students Succeed In 2021

Meek Mill

Meek Mill caught some heat this week in Atlanta for being cheap, but the rapper is proved he is anything but that. 

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Meek Mill continues to raise the bar with his social activism.

Meek Mill and 76ers partner Michael Rubin, who are the co-chairs of the powerful Reform Alliance created by the rap star and Jay-Z, have teamed up to help 1,000 students succeed. 

Meek and Mike have raised a whopping $2 million to start a new scholarship fund for students in the Philadelphia area. 

According to reports, the new scholarship will help fund students from Pre-K through high school to get the resources they need for the 2021 school year. 

Students who qualify can use the money in a variety of ways, from paying tuition to go to private schools, to purchasing tablets and other pricing materials to excel at E-learning. 

Earlier this week, Meek Mill was dragged on social media for giving $20 to seven kids to split between themselves in Atlanta after they asked him for money at a busy intersection. 

Meek had bigger plans in mind for the community and his latest act of philanthropy should silence his critics.