Meek Mill Refusing To Release New Music Over “Slave” Deal

Meek Mill

Meek Mill revealed he was not releasing any new music until his contract with Atlantic Records has expired. Read more!

Meek Mill was an open book with his Twitter fans during an #askmeek session on the microblogging platform.

On Sunday (February 20th), the rap star answered various questions his fans posed to him, regarding everything from his activism and smoking habits, to his recording career.

The Philly rapper seems to be taking his health seriously now that he has stopped smoking marijuana. Meek revealed he stopped smoking cannabis because it impacted his appetite and made him lose weight.

“I quit smoking s### was making me skinny and not eat!!!!” Meek Mill revealed to a fan who asked, “how loud is your weed.”

Another person questioned whether Meek was smoking marijuana or something else since weed is thought to give people the “munchies.”

The rapper elaborated.

“We was smoking 4 gram blunts and backwoods I never smoked my whole adult life….. I’m not a drug guy ima trapper at heart! And I know how to use my brain to get what I want drugs not really my thing!” Meek Mill responded.

However, the most exciting part of the Q&A session came when Meek Mill answered questions about his record deal. Meek has not been shy about dissing Atlantic Records over what he calls an unfair deal.

Furthermore, at the beginning of February, Meek claimed Atlantic “stole” Roddy Ricch from him.

When asked about his biggest regret, Meek said he wished he had “not signed this slave deal … short term deals are best if you need money.”

Meek revealed he was not dropping any more new music and planned to wait out his recording contract.

“I ain’t doing nomore music under a label I don’t make nothing off that ….. ima wait it out,” Meek Mill revealed.

Meek seemed to indicate he would be releasing music on his own platform after his contract with Atlantic Records expired.

“I hate it ima put my music on one platform also …. If you like it you will click the link …. We ain’t getting paid from it really!!!” Make explained.

Atlantic Records Meek Mill’s breakout album 2015’s Dreams Worth More Than Money, 2017’s Wins & Losses, 2018’s Grammy-nominated Championships, and his most recent release released Expensive Pain.