Meek Mill Roasted After Tweeting “You Did Not Hit My Girl”

Meek Mill

Meek Mill’s followers requested he put his phone down after tweeting about someone he claims was trying to “downplay” him.

Meek Mill deactivated his social media recently for reasons unknown.  

However, he is back delivering a stern message, although the intended recipient of his tweet is unclear.  He posted a cryptic tweet during the early hours of Monday morning (Jan. 31.)

“You did not hit my girl/lil chick/ whatever you call it,” Meek Mill declared. “I just ripped b4 you,I know it’s a lil exciting we touch the same woman lol you don’t gotta downplay me to boost ya ego up lol just vibe out.” 

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However, people were confused and speculated about who Meek Mill might be referring to. Who is the chick? Who is the guy he’s subtweeting? Is he trying to “downplay” Meek to boost their own ego? So far, the questions remain unanswered.  

Meanwhile, his former girlfriend and the mother of his one-year-old son posted a cute video yesterday. The pair separated in 2020 shortly after the birth of their child. Fashion designer Milan “Milano” Harris looked gorgeous, sporting a chocolate bodysuit from her brand.  

She took to Instagram to show off her dancing skills, bopping along to dance anthem, “Gonna make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now.)” 

“Did I kill it or nah,” she asked in the caption. Perhaps Meek Mill was scanning the comments and saw a response that had him battling the green-eyed monster.  

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Meek Mill Was Roasted In The Comments

Meanwhile, back on Twitter, Meek was being roasted in the replies to his outburst. While a few laughed and agreed, most were confused or simply wanted him to stop tweeting.

When one confused commenter asked for an explanation, another responded with “He had sex with a woman. Somebody had sex with that woman after , and that somebody is making it seem like he took her from Meek. Meek is explaining that it’s just his leftovers.”\

“It’s Time To Stop Posting.”

While another wanted him to get rid of his account altogether.

However, others said Meek Mill is just too old for this sort of immature behavior.