Meek Mill Says Game’s Beef Is “Premeditated” And That Sean Kingston Causes Problems


(AllHipHop News) Meek Mill denied any involvement in Sean Kingston’s issues with Los Angeles rapper Game, who accused Meek of snitching on him and his people in the latest episode of Taxstone’s “Tax Season” podcast.

Game accused Meek of being a “rat” and talking to cops about a nightclub robbery in June of 2016, when Kingston was relieved of over $300,000 in jewelry.

“I don’t really talk Sean Kingston on the phone, nor do I talk to Sean Kingston,” Meek Mill calmly explained to Taxstone, before revealing that Sean Kingston had falsely involved Meek’s name in another incident.

“It was something with him before, where he said I said something before,” Meek Mill claimed. “A girl who I was cool with in L.A., who used to run with Suge and them back in the day, she was like ‘Yeah Meek, you wanna get me jumped? ‘I said why would I wanna get you jumped….and when I talked to him [Sean Kingston], I had a problem with that. And I don’t even know if he even said I said that.”

Meek Mill accused Game of setting up a “premeditated” beef in order to promote his latest album 1992: Block Wars.

“It [the Sean Kingston’s assault and robbery] happened in June of 2016. I was in LA from June to September,” Meek Mill told Taxstone. “We could have just pulled up and rapped like men. I ain’t have no animosity towards him at that time. Put him in front of me and give you an opportunity to handle me like however you say you wanna handle me. Of course I ain’t letting nobody do nothing to me.

Meek made it clear that he didn’t want to be associated with all of these beefs.

“This s##t don’t even be about nothing. It don’t affect my life, it don’t change my life, it don’t put no money in my pocket,” said Meek.