Meek Mill Shocks Fans With Sudden Weight Loss

The Philadelphia rap star has admitted he is having some serious health issues and is currently looking for a doctor to help him figure out what’s going on.

(AllHipHop News) Rapper Meek Mill is in need of a top gastroenterologist after struggling with stomach issues for “months.”

The “Dreams and Nightmares” hitmaker recently shocked fans after a photo of the star at New Jersey’s Teterboro Airport surfaced online, appearing to show he had lost a lot of weight.

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Meek took to Twitter to share a note about his health, suggesting it could be linked to his drastic slim down.

“My stomach been messed up for months and the doctors can’t locate the problem!” he wrote. “I need some top stomach doctors.”

However, the MC’s gripe didn’t garner as much sympathy as he may have hoped from some fans, who pointed out Meek’s less-than-healthy diet.

One Twitter follower replied by reposting a previous snap from Meek’s Instagram Story timeline, in which he posed with a bunch of French fries scattered on his thighs as he dipped his feet in a swimming pool.