Megan Thee Stallion Drags Carl Crawford For Hanging With 18 Yr Old Girls As Feud Continues 

Megan The Stallion returned to Twitter after Carl Crawford accused her of being divisive and claimed she’s not even from Houston.

Megan Thee Stallion and Carl Crawford continued throwing shots at each other online in the early hours of Wednesday morning (Aug. 24) after J. Prince got involved in the dispute. 

The Rap-A-Lot Records founder called out the Houston native, calling her a liar claiming the 1501 founder “discovered, developed and fully financed” Meg before her career took off.  

As reported earlier today by, Megan Thee Stallion took to Twitter to say it was her who “developed 1501,” and blasted “these grown ass men trying to take credit away from the work me and my mama put into the beginning of my career.”  

The Grammy Award winner also claimed, “Carl Crawford “talked so much s###” about J. Prince,” and called him “fake” for linking with him now. She added, “beat me in court not the comment section.” 

However, the back and forth continued as Carl Crawford then took to Instagram Live to accuse Megan Thee Stallion of “trying to cause division” between him and J. Prince. 

He claimed he never spoke to her about the music industry executive despite what the “Savage” rapper says. According to Carl Crawford, Megan got that from her manager, T. Farris. “Now you wanna say I was talking s### about J. We all know T Farris told you that,” he claimed. Me and you ain’t never talked about J, ever. Not one time.” 

Crawford then claimed she hasn’t put on any of the other female artists from Houston and said, “Megan from San Antonio,” adding, “Who saw Megan playing when they was a kid? The H-Town Hottie aint really from H-Town.”  

Megan Thee Stallion Claps Back At Carl Crawford

Megan Thee Stallion caught wind of his comments and returned to Twitter to dispute his remarks.  

“This 42 year old man said he never heard a story abt me playing as a kid where I’m from,” she penned “Sir I would hope 42 year old men couldn’t tell you where I was playing at as a kid.” 

She continued, “When the hate don’t work they just start saying anythingggg 😂 like who is ask anybody? All them 18 year old girls that you hanging with at 42? Cause they damn sure ain’t gone know me either.” 

The pair are involved in ongoing lawsuits over Megan’s contract with 1501. Check out their comments below.