Megan Thee Stallion Annoints Herself The “Hot Girl Coach”

Megan Thee Stallion

Megan Thee Stallion reveals she doesn’t believe in being “catty” with other women!

Megan Thee Stallion is proud to be a “girl’s girl.”

The “Hot Girl Summer” hitmaker wants to set a good example of how women can support one another because she doesn’t like the idea that fellow female chart stars are all “competitive and catty”.

Megan Thee Stallion said: “It is important for me to be known as a girl’s girl because a lot of times the industry tries to paint it like women don’t support each other…that girls can’t be in the same field without being competitive and catty.

“But me, I love all the girls and I want everybody to know I don’t believe in that. I am in my own lane, you are in your lane, and, you know, I appreciate good music. All these women.”

The 26-year-old rapper thinks her music “naturally thrives” in the summer because it’s her favorite season and she loves recording songs to soundtrack the warmer weather.

She told People magazine: “When you think of summer, you just have to think of me because I am the Hot Girl Coach and it is the Hot Girl Summer. It is no pressure to make songs for the summer.

“I just put out a song in the summer and the hotties just turn into it and they really like it. But I do try and put something out there to kick off Hot Girl Summer every year.”

Megan has teamed up with Cash App to give away $1 million worth of stock as part of a new promotion dubbed ‘Investing for Hotties’ and as part of the venture will star in a series of videos which aim to inform potential investors on the basics of the stock market and why they should get involved.

She said: “I feel like it is important to invest because you want to see your money grow in other ways. I think it is cool to put your money into something and watch it grow and take it in and out as you want to.”