Megan Thee Stallion Planning To Open An Assisted Living Center

Megan Thee Stallion wants to honor her grandmother’s legacy by finishing school and opening an assisted living center for elderly people.

(AllHipHop News) Megan Thee Stallion is determined to honor her late grandmother by completing her healthcare management degree.

The rapper lost both her mother Holly, who also acted as her manager, and her grandmother last March, but overcame the trauma of their loss to release her “Fever” mixtape and her first hit, “Hot Girl Summer.”

Although she’s now a rising star and is on the cover of Rolling Stone’s March issue, she says her grandparent has made her determined to finish her course at Texas Southern University and open her own assisted living homes.

“My grandmother would be very p##sed off at me if I just stopped college right now,” she told the music magazine. “My mother would’ve been like, ‘It don’t matter.’ I got to get this degree. I already started it, and I’m interested in what I’m doing because I want to open up assisted-living facilities in the city.”

However, music stardom hasn’t gone down well with all her lecturers – one of whom took issue with her going on tour.

“I made an incomplete on one of my classes because this lady, the teacher, she was really hating on me because I told her that I was about to go on tour,” the musician, real name Megan Pete adds. “But we ain’t going to quit.”

The 25-year-old transferred to her current college from Houston’s Prairie View A&M University – where she got into trouble for making videos of herself and two pals twerking on campus.

Explaining how she was hauled into a meeting with officials, she adds: “They was like, ‘Is this what you guys want to be known for on campus? In my head, I was like, ‘Yeah, we lit! What you mean?'”

In exchange for their parents not being told about their videos, the trio was asked to write extra research papers.