Megan Thee Stallion’s Bottom Moves Faster Than Chinese Censors

Megan Thee Stallion

Chinese officials attempt to block the rapper’s recent performance but failed.

Rapper Megan thee Stallion just cannot be stopped.

World Super Powers will not even prevent the Houston native from giving her fans her body-bangingly X-rated performances. Just ask China.

The Republic of China is renowned for censoring the internet, prohibiting vulgar, sexually explicit content, and politically leaning toward opinions not sanctioned by the government.

This practice is so controversial that many have referred to it as the “Great Firewall of China,” a 21st-century take on the Great Wall of China, which can be seen from outer space.

As reported by, the “Savage” hot girl performed at Coachella over the weekend and brought the house down with her hard-hitting lyrics, sexiness oozing at every turn, and a whole lot of twerking.

This internationally streamed performance, of course, violated the strict internet regulations of the red nation.

Some fans tuned in on the app WeChat and Chinese officials attempted to cover up the Grammy award winner’s behind with a black floating square. However, that was an epic fail as Megan thee Stallion and her scantily clad dancers were gyrating so fast that the poor censorship bar could not keep up.

Authorities also tried to co-opt the title for her hit song with Cardi B and call it “Wet Ass Puxi” instead of the rap song’s actual name.

One fan captured the farcical attempt on Twitter, captioning it, “Coachella is also being livestreamed via WeChat. Apparently, this performance not only made censors sweat, everyone was also joking that they’re singing a song about Shanghai Puxi District. #MeganTheeStallion #Shanghailockdown

Another said, “That moment of sheer panic when the censor bar frantically jumps left and right because there’s just too much going on.”

This comment was even funnier.

“The person controlling the black box is the real MVP just cover the whole screen hahahahahaha…”