Memphis Bleek Reacts To Barbra Streisand Unexpectedly Quoting Him

Memphis Bleek

Barbra Streisand referenced Memphis Bleek’s “1-900-Hustler” lyrics in a Twitter post about Donald Trump’s possible indictment.

Barbra Streisand stunned Hip-Hop fans by quoting Memphis Bleek in a Twitter post on Wednesday (June 7).

Streisand used the rapper’s lyrics from Jay-Z’s song “1-900-Hustler” to comment on Donald Trump’s legal troubles. The post racked up thousands of likes as various Twitter users tried to grapple with the reality of Streisand referencing Memphis Bleek’s bars.

“Trump is going to be indicted for stealing classified documents,” she wrote. “He is going crazy with his tweets urging his cult to ‘FIGHT.’ We remember what happened on January 6th. ‘The strong are quiet, the weak start riots.’ – Rapper Memphis Bleek.”

Streisand’s post generated numerous retweets with fans joking about her apparent appreciation of Roc-A-Fella Records. Memphis Bleek thanked Streisand for the shoutout in an Instagram post.

“They quoting the kid out here!!” he wrote alongside a screenshot of her tweet. “@barbrastreisand #BarsThatMeanSomthing.”

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MSNBC’s Ari Melber, who is well-known for quoting rap lyrics on his show The Beat, was among the many people amused by Streisand’s reference. Melber suggested a collaboration.

“Babs knows there’s truth in lyrics,” he wrote. “would love to see you & @memphisbleek collab!”

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