Metro Marrs Launches Foundation After Arrest For Throwing $10,000 At Graduation

Metro Marrs has turned his controversial graduation stunt – which ended in his arrest – into a positive!

An Atlanta rapper, who got tossed out of his graduation for making it rain during his graduation, has made sweet lemonade out of lemons.

Metro Marrs went viral when he threw $10,000 into the crowd during his walk across the stage to get his diploma and the whole flex was caught on

While the graduates tried to grab the money, breaking class protocol, the security detail nabbed the hood celebrity and led the minor off the premises in handcuffs.

Luckily, no one filed charges on the

After news of the incident went viral, the press asked local politicians to weigh in on the Marrs’ stunt.

Some brought up concerns about his actions putting a stain on the day’s festivities.

South Fulton City Council Member Helen Willis shared, “I just don’t want the one immature act of one student to spoil the greatness of the entire event.”

The young artist maintains that this was not a stunt intended to ruin his classmates’ very special moment.

He said, “The school, they thought I was just trying to do something negative when I was really just trying to do something positive for my peers.”

With mentorship from others around him, Marrs may have found a way to redirect the energy of the day into the foundation of something positive for tomorrow.

He has decided to start his own nonprofit organization called the Loner Foundation.

“We are going to be giving out like a scholarship called the 10K rainy day fund scholarship, it’s basically we’re going to give $10,000 to the valedictorian and salutatorian. Each class,” Metro Marrs said.

The Councilmember is throwing her support behind the young man’s efforts.

“With the national pandemic a lot of people have been impacted financially, and school is not free,” Councilmember Helen Willis said. “So I commend him for wanting to get back in that way.”

Never heard of Metro Marrs?

Well, he has been putting out music for a minute and has new music that has already cracked 1 million views on YouTube in a matter of months.

At first thought, folk might have considered this a stunt to draw eyes to music that might not be bubbling.

Well … from the looks of things … he is doing more than bubbling but scalding hot.