Miguel Returns With ‘Art Dealer Chic 4’ EP

The 4-pack is the latest installment in the singer’s 9-year-old music series.

Miguel first dropped the Art Dealer Chic, Vol. 1 mixtape in 2012. He followed that project up with two more editions of ADC that same year.

A fourth installment in the series made its way to DSPs today (April 9, 2021). Art Dealer Chic 4 hosts Miguel’s “Funeral” single which was originally released in 2019.

“‘Funeral’ was sort of a first step, a first attempt in exploring and I intend on continuing to do it,” said Miguel in a recent interview with Nadeska for R&B Now Radio on Apple Music 1.

He added, “How it sort of like all comes together may be different, but definitely was something that I was excited to put out there just to p### at my listeners and my audience and just to see if they’ll go down that path with me. And I love my fans, man, they’re so awesome, they’re down to just ride. I think they expected of me so it’s cool.”

Many fans of the 35-year-old singer/songwriter wondered why they have not gotten a full-length studio LP from Miguel since 2017’s War & Leisure. The creative process for Art Dealer Chic 4 apparently helped the Grammy winner avoid a victimization mindset.

“It was these conversations that I think helped put me in a much clearer position and actually helped me decide that doing Art Dealer Chic series was the right place to start because it wasn’t only last year, but the prior years, I think there were just big shifts in my life and my priorities,” Miguel explained to Nadeska.

The Californian continued, “And the one thing that kept ringing back was that I curate my experience, how I see a misstep if I take it, if I see it as a mistake and I loath over it, then I’m a victim. But if I look at it as a student, then I become accountable and now I’m in control.”

Photo Credit: Méhdi Sef