Mike Tyson Reveals Inmates’ Crazy Reaction After Tupac Visit

Mike Tyson recounted a crazy Tupac story which happened when the boxing legend was serving a state in jail. Read more!

Mike Tyson recalled how his fellow inmates reacted with rapturous applause when Tupac visited him in prison.

The boxing champion spoke about his nearly three years behind bars during an appearance on podcast “Drink Champs.” Mike Tyson was imprisoned from 1992 until 1995 on charges of rape.

Though originally sentenced to six years, the boxer was released on parole after just under three.

During the interview, the 55-year-old said he received visits from some of the biggest names in entertainment.

“I had everybody. B.B. King, James Brown, Whitney Houston… Florence Henderson. Everybody came,” Mike Tyson said. “I can’t even name them all. Just so many people came to visit me.”

But to his fellow inmates, his most impressive visitor was the late Tupac Shakur.

“I get a call from somebody; it’s Tupac’s mother. She explains how she knows me from her son, explains that I met him at a club one night and that he wants to come and visit me. I said great, OK,” he remembered.

“Once he came into the visiting room – and there was all these hillbilly hicks, mean motherf**kin’ a#### guys – as soon as he came up everybody started clapping. They respected him, soon as he came in the room, they started applauding.”